Privacy Policy

Information that is gathered from visitors

The user must be aware that while using a website, some of their information is saved. This act is very common with nearly every website. The details that are stored are mostly the IP address of the user, their browser type, their referring page and the time when they have visited the website.

Cookies are smaller files that contain details of the user. This type of storage method is used by the website. Cookies are made to recall the visitor with their details when they have used the website.

At times registrations are also essential. In such a case, the email and username of a visitant are also saved with the server. These are the informative details stored by the website when you visit it.

How the information is used

The sole reason why these details are saved from the user is to increase their level of experience with the website. This will help in displaying relative content and advertisements to the user of the website.

A user must not worry about their emails being spread out to others. No person can view your email address. There is no third party involved to gather your information.

The reason why your email addresses are gathered is to make you knowledgeable on the new services introduced by the website or their affiliates.

Visitor options

You can subscribe to any of our services. But in any case, if you feel to unsubscribe to the service, you can easily follow a few steps which will help you with what you want. Those steps will be given in the email that our website will be sending you.

You are also allowed to block away cookies that you do not want. This can be done through your browser settings. But, once you will be blocking the cookies, you will fail to view some of the characteristics of the website that we offer.


Cookies are smaller files that are made to save your details of the web browser which will help you when you visit the website again. These cookies will help in your future visits.

These cookies may also be used by third parties to track others.

Google is a dealer who makes use of the cookies to display ads.

Mostly, DART cookies are used by Google to display ads depending on the visitors as to which websites they frequently view.

Users can avoid the DART cookie. This can be done by visiting Google Ad and content network privacy policy.