Midnight Sun – Sensitive Love Play!

Midnight Sun – Sensitive Love Play!
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Midnight Sun movie is all about and based on the category of “True Love” which all passion about it in Japan. This Movie is perfectly directed with an Emotional genre and feels convincing. Though this movie lacks some details and reality, yet it will catch all your hearts. The story runs around a 16-year-old girl who is in Japan has a different disease which is proved to be fatal. Midnight sun movie is a mix of both Family drama and little adolescent romance. The whole movie moves in a very cool pace, so you will surely love this movie. Everyone will surely get impressed by this movie. Though this film is not perfect in all aspects but it gets all the feel and emotions at right time.

Midnight Sun

The movie was developed in such a way as it takes some time for character and storytelling. That feeling of isolation of the Girl is registered well. Adolescent Romance is actually not necessary for this type of movie but it never fails to entertain us. The Director perfectly delivered the Feelings and makes you realize and experience the situation in a very natural way in this movie. When you look about casting, a real life musician played the leading role. Songs and its Lyrics plays a good role and it expresses the realistic emotions. Emotionally, this movie succeeded by registering the isolation of the girl. The casting of the Girl’s Parent and best friends played well. Comics and Humor play balances the Movie in a right way. Every Romantic and sensitive Person will surely love this movie a lot. Overall, Midnight Sun movie is a Romantic-family drama which will touch everyone’s, Heart. Keep reading on moviebovie

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