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The website that we create are made to focus significantly on entertainment. We also go through some pirated websites (such as torrent sites and other online movie streaming websites). You must also know that we do not offer any guarantee of such websites. There are no responsibilities put on us while we review these sites. Every user is suggested to go through the privacy policy for once before you began using the website. We say this because those websites may also be able to track you.

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More than this, we must clear this to you that we do not mean to popularize piracy. Our first and foremost suggestion to the user would be to buy movies or TV shows from official sellers which are backed up by original creators. Buying from a reliable source will be more helpful to users.

By the end, we will also make this apparent to every user of movie sites that anything used without having a license is completely opposed to our policies. As we said earlier, our main reason to do this job is for the users. We only review these websites for visitors. It should be understood by everyone that we do not mean to promote unauthorized websites or piracy. We perform these reviews only to promote entertainment for the users. We have no illegal purpose to review the movie sites.